Dilworth Lyman is President of ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement;

Vice President of Applied Technology Associates of Cincinnati, Ohio; and

Senior Instructor for Center for Manufacturing Technology.

Mr. Lyman leads service offerings of advanced CADCAM applications, Business Process Reengineering, strategic alignment of technology, and application of QFD.

Mr. Lyman has been working with QFD methods since 1986. He is devoted to discovering new uses for the matrix tools and thinking methods as they relate to communicating and documenting complex planning and decision making situations. He is also extensively pursuing the relationship between QFD and a multitude of other tools. In addition, he specializes in applying the concepts and tools of QFD to other disciplines or businesses.

Mr. Lyman has over twenty years experience as a management consultant to major corporations in North America and Japan. He has a broad base of experience with many management situations and management practices, with particularly notable successes in client engagements involving product development, engineering analysis, marketing development and quality improvement. He has worked both as an individual consultant and as a member of consulting teams to help clients in problem solving and problem prevention by design. He is a skilled leader, mentor coach and tutor.

Mr. Lyman developed his consulting credentials through his performance in corporate settings. As Director of Development for mechanical CAD with Bruning he led marketing management from strategic planning through all coordinated activities for product delivery. With John Deere, he was Engineering Analyst and Consultant for design, build and test of heavy duty construction and industrial equipment. He was also internal consultant for division-wide CAD/CAM implementation.

Mr. Lyman is a frequent speaker and educator in a variety of fields involving business problem solving and prevention using decision making tools such as Quality Function Deployment. He has published numerous articles and technical papers in journals including QFD Symposium, Quality Digest and Training.

Mr. Lyman was awarded Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He is a member of SME and ASME. He is a Certified Consulting Applications Engineer in mechanical design applications of AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop.

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