ViewPoint Customer Example 6

                Use of ViewPoint in Product Development Process

                Meeting Customer Needs with Cross-Functional Product Development Teams

                Division of Manufactured Products Company

Sample Steps
                Meet to determine real needs of client
                Teach correct understanding using ViewPoint perspectives
                Develop appropriate ViewPoint structures and processes as system
                Train cross-functional teams in ViewPoint skills and principles
                Assist multiple teams in application of ViewPoint skills to product development process

                25% reduction in cost
                Customer satisfaction at new high
                Recognized leader and example for company in product development
                One less build cycle with improved reliability
                Improved manufacturability and shipability
                20% reduction in development process time
                "This is the first time I ever understood what I had to do before I had to do it.
                        It is also the first time I ever understood why I was doing something, and
                        by the way, agreed with it, before I complained about problems."

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