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High level executive with proven expertise in technology and general management, business and product development, technical marketing, and application of lean thinking to all business processes. World class master in transformation of quality systems from detection to prevention. Effective visionary leader and innovator in technical and manufacturing companies.


Lean thinking, Lean manufacturing, Agile manufacturing, Mass customization, Demand flow technology, Theory of Constraints, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Customer needs, Voice of the Customer, Six Sigma, TQM, Concurrent engineering, Cross-functional teams, TRIZ, Fifth discipline, Seven habits, Policy deployment, Balanced scorecard, Value chain, MBTI, Instructional design.


Applied Technology Associates, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
1995 - present Vice President, Management Consulting
Taught, trained, and implemented lean enterprise philosophies in many companies, e.g., Cincinnati Electronics, Kimball, Whirlpool, Morrill Motors and Anderson Tool & Die. Guided and mentored company lean champions in planning, facilitating, leading, and supporting their lean implementations. Trained and motivated teams and employees in lean methods, principles, and practices. Worked side-by-side with organizations like the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences and the University of Kentucky (UK). Regular presenter at UK Lean Manufacturing Leadership Institute. Certified instructor and lead facilitator for the UK Lean Manufacturing Simulation. Train and certify other UK Lean Facilitators. Coached and taught problem solving methods, productivity improvement concepts, and advanced quality tools with emphasis on prevention or avoidance of problems through design by aligned multi-functional teams. Identified critical business processes in need of improvement. Quickly grasps the function of complex technical products and processes. Skilled in organizing, planning, assessing, synthesizing, and adapting proven techniques and methods. Exhibits executive presence and superior influence skills. Worked across many company and national cultures and specialized in bringing about alignment of the management team.
1995 - present General Management
Defined and setup financial and accounting systems for inventory and non-inventory items. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills, leadership skills, and business acumen. Effective in a variety of presentation settings. Communicates effectively with all levels of employees, from senior management and senior engineers to drafters and factory workers. Works effectively in technologically demanding environments. Effective business organizer and operations strategist. Practiced leader, mentor, coach, counselor, and tutor.
1995 - present Chief Technical Officer
Working knowledge of information, internet, and computing technologies. Knowledge of common business computer applications. Administered network. Developed and administered websites. Chose, implemented, and trained all office on business software. Developed master customer database. Defined, purchased, and installed computers, miscellaneous hardware, printers, and networks. Proficient with MS office software and Wintel operating systems.
1995 - present Vice President, CAD/CAM/CAE Products
We represent Autodesk, Autodesk partners, and other developers as a value-added reseller to mechanical design and manufacturing clients. Our products include 2-D AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical; 3-D parametric solid modeling using Mechanical Desktop and Inventor; CAE tools for FEA, kinematic analysis, and sheet metal design; and CAM tools for NC machining. We apply these products in situations involving design, manufacturing, and production with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Rolls-Royce Energy Systems, Roto Press International, Troyke Manufacturing Company, and U.S. Precision Lens and work with them to define custom solutions and training. We apply lean thinking to all product development and engineering processes. We have doubled the software and training revenue in 3 years.

International TechneGroup Incorporated, Milford, Ohio
1986-1995 Management Consulting
Led product development teams in multidisciplinary projects driven by the voice of the customer involving design, manufacturing, and production in companies such as Allied Signal, Caterpillar, Chevron, Intel, JI Case, Metal Container, Rockwell, and Valmont. Led management teams in multidisciplinary strategic planning involving the voice of the customer and resulting in clear, documented, and aligned understanding in companies such as Chevron, GE Medical, Goodyear, Metal Container, Raychem, and Valmont. Organized, planned, assessed, synthesized, and adapted proven techniques and methods to specific company needs and situations. Emphasized prevention or avoidance of problems through design by aligned multi-functional teams. Performed technology strategic planning to aggregate and prioritize initiatives over a medium to long-term horizon. Taught problem solving methodologies and advanced quality tools. Developed a broad base of experience in many management situations and with many management practices.
1989-1995 Director, Quality and Design
Took a software product directly to the market inside a company with no experience in end user marketing and sales. Exercised considerable latitude in what we did and how we did it. Quickly reached market dominance (over 80% market share) and business unit profitability (less than 2 years). Established our reputation as industry leader and stabilized the marketplace. Worked with companies like Anheuser Busch, Baxter, Chevron, DG Conseil, Garrett, GE Medical, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Hughes, Information Services International - Dentsu, Intel, JI Case, Kodak, Metal Container, Procter & Gamble, Raychem, and Rockwell. Introduced product into foreign markets, including Japanese language support. Established worldwide user groups.
1986-1989 Projects Manager for CAD/CAE Products
Built relationships with major CAD/CAM vendors (Computervision and Prime). Planned, organized, and controlled contract activities. Participated in defining, scheduling and coordinating releases of various analysis packages. Facilitated technical interactions between vendors and ITI technical staff. Direct supervision of 6-15 people. Coordinated activities of 40 to 50 people.

BruningCAD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1985 Director of Product Marketing for Mechanical CAD
Directed marketing and prepared business plans for all Mechanical CAD products sold worldwide and in many languages (including Kanji). Represented product technically to users, salespeople, and distributors worldwide. Defined, scheduled, coordinated and delivered releases of CAD products up to five times per year, including hardware procurement, manufacturing facilities, software development, documentation, and distribution. Coordinated activities of 70 people. Determined these products were incompatible with company strengths. Decided to sell the software rights to take care of the customers and preserve the company reputation. Sold Japanese rights to our distributor, Mutoh. Sold all other worldwide rights to a company in Texas. Coordinated technology transfer to companies.
1983-1985 Director Manufactured Product Engineering
Directed development for mechanical CAD products including product definition, release schedule, and support requirements. Prepared and executed project plan for all major product changes. Interacted with users, salespeople, and distributors, primarily U.S., Japan, and Europe. Directed software designers and programmers. Defined, scheduled and coordinated releases of products. Direct reports of 3 to 7 people. Indirect project reports of 15 to 20 people.

John Deere, Dubuque, Iowa
1980-1983 Engineering CAD/CAM Manager
CAD/CAM Benchmark team member. Created and administered benchmark that simulated the full product design and development process. Chose and implemented corporate CAD/CAM system. Worked in team situations that involved up to 40 people and lasted up to nine months.
1977-1980 Engineering Analyst and Consultant
Member of CAE resource team for design, build, and test of heavy duty construction and industrial equipment. Exposed to full range of processes in design and production.


Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
• Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 1977
• Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1977


Akao Prize
• For demonstrated excellence in the practice and dissemination of QFD for many years. Taken into consideration are research, authorship, teaching, practical applications, and personal commitment and service to the QFD community worldwide.

Russell S. Springer Award
• For original and outstanding technical papers which are distinct contributions to the literature of the professions of automotive engineering. Given to the youngest member whose paper, presented at an SAE sponsored technical conference, is published in SAE Literature.


• Member of ASME
• Founding Member of QFD Institute
• Past Associate Member of SAE
• Past Associate Member of SME


• Born April 20,1951
• Married
• Nine children
• Board of Directors, Center for Manufacturing Technology


2244 Donnington Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45244-3714
Phone: (513) 624-7100
E-Mail: ddl@understanding.com

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