Support Practices of Lean Manufacturing

Support practices apply to all groups of people and will be appropriate for spot usage mixed with all of the other practices.

Work Standardization

The first support practice is Work Standardization. This includes the preparation and use of checklists. We also address the basic concerns of housecleaning and organization. From this framework we discuss documentation and related issues. We structure all of this around the three elements of operation and the three elements of standard work.


The second support practice is Transparency. We teach about the 5 S’s and understand their part in the preparation for visual control and lean production. We discuss the key issues behind the design and use of visual controls. We discuss the basis of operations communications, with particulars such as andon boards. We introduce the idea of glass wall management.

Principles of Effective Teams

The third support practice is Principles of Effective Teams. We discuss the behaviors of an effective team member. We explain how to start a team, including the alternative for team composition. We teach how to work as a team and how it is different from traditional work patterns. We discuss how to properly conclude the efforts of a team. We examine potential problems within teams and how to properly respond to and resolve them.


The fourth support practice is Tools. These tools include: Process analysis, Gantt chart, Affinity diagram, Brainstorming, Cause & Effect diagrams, Check sheets, Control charts/SPC, Flowcharts, Force field, Histogram, Matrix diagram, Importance/Valuing, Pareto, AHP, Storyboard, Process capability, Process Mapping, Radar chart, Run chart, Scatter diagram, Tree diagram, etc.

At ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement we work closely with you to determine where you are today in applying these practices. We also help you define your best path forward, given your current circumstances.

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