Practices of Lean Manufacturing

There are many things that lead to a successful Lean Manufacturing implementation. For ease of discussing them we have collected these things into 16 practices. We have organized these 16 practices into 5 groups.

Enabling Practices

Flow Practices

Control Practices

Support Practices

Management Practices

This structure has been designed to allow for instruction in day increments followed by practical application of the principles just instructed. Most of the instructional pieces can be broken into smaller pieces, but you must take care to assure you can practically apply what was taught. The practical application is the real source of value to your company.

The organization of topics that lead to a successful Lean Manufacturing is relatively arbitrary. There is nothing that says this is the best organization. The organization is only valuable in letting us look at something that has many parts and not get lost in the confusion caused by the many parts.

Each company should design their own program and path forward. This program should be based on where your company is at this time and what changes you wish to make first.

At ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement we work closely with you to determine where you are today in applying these practices. We also help you define your best path forward, given your current circumstances.

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