Management Practices of Lean Manufacturing

Management practices are the responsibility of management. They are generally very widespread in their influence.

Policy Deployment

The first management practice is Policy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri. We will discuss the aspects of this executive team strategic decision making tool that allow us to focus the resources appropriately. We will talk about the use of the visual matrix diagrams and their use to determine key objectives. We will show how to translate the objectives into specific projects and deploy the appropriate information down to the implementation.


The second management practice is Costing. We will discuss the role of cost management in Lean Manufacturing. We will look at target costing (genkakikaku), product costing, operational control, and kaizen costing (genkakaizen). We will consider where each is strong and where each should be used. We will look at value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE) and understand where each technique belongs.

Supplier Relationships

The third management practice is Supplier Relationships. We all deal with supplies of some sort and need them to become lean also. We will discus some of the ways to accomplish that and what trade offs we might expect. All of these will be balanced against the issues of: delivery, quality, cost, benefits sharing, collaboration, and training.

At ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement we work closely with you to determine where you are today in applying these practices. We also help you define your best path forward, given your current circumstances.

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