Are Your Initiatives Working?


How often have you heard . . .

The Confusion

Didn't we just resolve this a few weeks ago?
But I thought you meant . . .     Well why didn't you say so!

The Gripes

I wish I could just remember all of the initiatives.
I wish I could figure out whice initiatives were most important.

The Intent

How does this initiative relate to our vision? Why am I even doing this?
Which of my five top priorities is really most important?

The Innocence

How come when I give the customer what they ask for, they don’t like it?
We seem to make a lot of last minute changes.



What’s wrong?

What can you do?

Who can you turn to?



What’s wrong is in the understanding and prioritization of your initiatives.

Industry today demands new levels of planning efforts that you can’t achieve with the processes of yesterday.

You are expected to use initiative directed cross-functional design teams, to excite and delight your customers, with breakthrough ideas, all cheaper, faster, and better.

How can you consistently provide the greatest value to your customers reliably and ahead of the competition while maintaining profitability?

Why does it seem like everybody has their own point of view and sometimes we don’t seem to even be talking about the same initiatives?


You can improve your initiatives process!

A Designed Understanding is the Key
that Unlocks the Many Points of View


Business Scorecard results in your management team and your cross-functional initiative teams having a clear, aligned, and well-documented understanding of why they are doing what they are doing. This shared understanding helps you deal with your initiatives effectively and create a customer focused value delivery culture.


 ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement (VUE) is the world leader in teaching cross-functional teams how to understand other points of view when things get complicated.


Take the step today.

Turn Your Initiatives Prioritization Process
        into a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
                with Business Scorecard and
                Designed Understanding using ViewPoint

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