Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is the continual and unrelenting removal of all waste from all operations.

"Lean production is lean because it uses less of everything compared with mass production, half the human effort, half the manufacturing space, half the investment in tools, half the engineering hours to develop a new product in half the time. Also it requires keeping far less than half the needed inventory on site, results in many fewer defects, and produces a greater and ever-growing variety of products."

The Machine thet Changed the World

An intensive introduction to the
Principles of Lean Manufacturing

This day long course is intended for all levels of people involved with the Lean Manufacturing efforts. It will serve as a good introduction to the underlying principles and take a quick look at the various practices associated with Lean Manufacturing. The practices will be discussed in an overview. Detailed level discussions and experiences for each practice will occur separately in custom designed courses.

The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

In this course we will

Course Outline


Why should I be interested in Lean Manufacturing?
Why do I want to adopt it?
Where did it come from?

An Overview of Lean Manufacturing

Foundation principles
Pricing equation
Waste and operations
Processes and actions
Improvement types
Process improvement

The Practices of Lean Manufacturing

Enabling practices
Flow practices
Control practices
Support practices
Management practices

The Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

Training and facilitating
Adopting and managing

At ViewPoint & Understanding Enhancement we work closely with you to determine where you are today in applying these practices. We also help you define your best path forward, given your current circumstances.

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